Statistical Analysis of Networks and Systems (SANS)

Statistical Analysis of Networks and Systems (SANS) is a research group of the Computer Architecture Department at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, in Barcelona (Spain). Together with the Distributed Systems Group it forms the CNDS (Computer Networks and Distributed Systems) research group.

Our mean research interest is on the capture and statistical analysis of data from Internet of Things devices, applied to different areas, such as environmental monitoring, smart cities, and analysis of mobility patterns. Current research activities are focused on the following areas: Network calibration of sensors, Machine learning techniques, Analysis of Mobile traffic, Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities applications, and security in Sensor Networks.

Related to this last topic, we have coordinated the H2020 project CAPTOR (2016-2018) that ran three big pilots on tropospheric ozone monitoring in Austria, Italy and Spain, driven by grassroots activists and local communities. The collected data can be found in: calibrated data 2017 ozone summer campaign, calibrated data 2018 ozone summer campaign, and raw data.

The CAPTOR monitoring network will use DIY nodes created by our team (the so called "captor" nodes). We have two types of nodes, the so called "Captor II" based on MOX sensors and an Arduino Yun board, and the new "Captor III" with a shield for Electrochemical sensors and based on a Raspberry Pi board. You can find more details in this video .

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