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Statistical Analysis of Networks and Systems (SANS)

The group has been working since 1988, and was created by Prof. Olga Casals. The first research areas we covered were related to ATM networks and traffic management, with our participation in the ATM pioneer project RACE 1022 "Technology for ATD". During these first years we were very much interested in analytical modeling of telecommunication networks, and we worked on Matrix Analytic methods, fluid flow models, Benes method, etc. During the RACE project BAF we designed a MAC protocol with QoS guarantees for an APON. We also collaborated in RACE and ACTS projects EXPLOIT, EXPERT and NETPERF. In these projects we worked with one of the first operative ATM platform in Europe.

Since middle of the 90's we have focused our research on wireless and IP networks and we have participated in the implementation of a mobile IP over GPRS extranet for telemedicine and business applications, we have tested different implementations of the TCP/IP stack, etc.

More recently we have been involved in research activities related with mobility modeling, packet buffer design, software router design, TCP/IP stack implementation and Internet topology exploration.

During these years several students from different countries have obtained their Ph.D. with us in related topics. Our research group lectures undergraduate and graduate courses on Computer Networks and Performance Evaluation.

Since the group creation until her death in June 2003, at age of 45, the group was headed by Prof. Olga Casals, who was responsible for most of the research projects the group was involved. Olga was an excellent professional and an excellent person. We miss her very much.