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The CommSensum Platform: a platform for crowdsourcing

The objective of CommSensum is to build an Open Link Data (OLD) Community Sensing Platform . The Platform will have a real use in the context of Smart Cities. The platform will integrate users that generate information and users that will create applications that consume data. Moreover, the paltform will provide access to data that it is open like public databases. Aire Limpio is our first application, in which, data from reference air pollution monitoring stations is shown.
One of the main challenges is that:
  • it is simple to install and connect a sensor to the platform and,
  • it is simple to build applications that use the data generated by the sensors or public data.
The data has to be integrated with data coming from other repositories, forming part of what is called Open Link Data (OLD) in the context of Semantic Web. Moreover, the data from one repository will be linked to data from other repositories, that can follow the data model defined by RDF graphs or by other popular data models such relational data base tables or XML trees. The number of applications are numerous and can range topics such as reduction of carbon fossile fuels in domestic and industrial environments, smart electricity distribution networks, intelligent transport, reduction of pollution, attending the older people, reduction of the health expenditures, urban resilience or adaptation to the climatic change, or citizen and communities participation.