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Raw Data Collected From NO2, O3 And NO Air Pollution Electrochemical Low-Cost Sensors

TitleRaw Data Collected From NO2, O3 And NO Air Pollution Electrochemical Low-Cost Sensors
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsFerrer-Cid, P, Barcelo-Ordinas, JM, Garcia-Vidal, J
JournalData in Brief (Elsevier)
Date Published12/2022
KeywordsAir pollution, Electrochemical sensors, Low-cost sensors, Nitrogen dioxide, Nitrogen monoxide, Sensor Calibration, Tropospheric ozone

Recently, the monitoring of air pollution by means of low-cost sensors has become a growing research field due to the study of techniques based on machine learning to improve the sensors’ data quality. For this purpose, sensors undergo a calibration process, where these are placed in-situ nearby a regulatory reference station. The data set explained in this paper contains data from two self-built low-cost air pollution nodes deployed for four months, from January 16, 2021 to May 15, 2021, at an official air quality reference station in Barcelona, Spain. The goal of the deployment was to have five electrochemical sensors at a high sampling rate of 0.5 Hz; two NO2 sensors, two O3 sensors, and one NO sensor. It should be noted that the reference stations publish air pollution data every hour, thus at a rate of 2.7×10−4 Hz. In addition, the nodes have also captured temperature and relative humidity data, which are typically used as correctors in the calibration of low-cost sensors. The availability of the sensors’ time series at this high resolution is important in order to be able to carry out analysis from the signal processing perspective, allowing the study of sensor sampling strategies, sensor signal filtering, and the calibration of low-cost sensors among others.