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Captor-4 description

We have developed the Captor version 4.0 (Captor4) nodes, which include a Raspberry-PI as the main module, connected by an I2C bus to sensorisation sub-modules supporting temperature/humidity, electrochemical (NO2, O3 and NO) and particle (PM10, PM2.5) sensors. The Raspberry-PI acts as the master, while the temperature/humidity sensors or PM's are connected directly to the I2C bus as slaves, while the electrochemical sensors are connected to an Arduino-nano which also acts as a slave.

In addition to the hardware development, we have developed the communication software between the master and the slave modules, and between the master and the AWS (Amazon Web Services) data repository using 3G communications (via the EMNIFY operator, which supports sensor data). Also, AWS data can be accessed with scripts that allow automatic calibration of sensors, and the use of such data to investigate in-situ calibration or network calibration models or spatial models.