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International Projects

European H2020 Programm Projects:

European VII Framework Programm Projects:

  • Network of Excellence Euro NF (Network of the Future) (01/2008-06/2011). Under the umbrella of the euro-NF NoE, we engaged Specific Projects (SJRA)
    • E-VENET, Electrical Vehicle Networks - Future Networking for Low Emission Human Mobility (Nov 2011- May 2012),
    • MWMSN, Multi-tier Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (Nov 2011-May 2012),
    • MOPP-NET, Realistic Mobility Modeling for Opportunistic Networking (July 2010-June 2011),
    • InfoMob, Information Mobility in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks (June 2008-June 2009).

European VI Framework Programm Projects:

European IST, ACTS and RACE Projects:

European COST Projects:

  • COST 279: Analysis and Design of Advanced Multiservice Networks Supporting Mobility, Multimedia and Internetworking (2000-2003),
  • COST 257: Impacts of New Sercices on the Architecture and the Performance of Broadband Networks (1996-2000),
  • COST 263: Quality of Service in Internet (2000-2003),
  • COST 242: Methods for the Performace and design of Broadband Multiservices Networks, (1992-1995).

Peer-to-peer projects with the industry:

  • Collaboration with NOKIA Research Center Helsinki in the following peer to peer projects during the years 2000-2002, in which we tested an implementation of the IPv6 protocol stack:
    • FIPNO
    • ICOM
    • TESI
  • Collaboration with SouthWing (year 2001) in the specification of southwing applications in a GPRS environment